Thursday, May 8, 2008

doing character set up today

today lets learn some tips about Smooth Bind:

1. for smooth bind, u can always add joints to make it maintain the shape under extreme deformation~ but remember to parent the joints into the spine~

2. add influence objects and set driven key
skin> edit smooth skin> add influence
parent the influence obj into joint, so it will move wf the joint
parent the influence obj's base as well~ find them in Hypergraph or Outliner~

i've been working in character set up
i've learn one thing about how to work:
get the right material will make u learn fast
today borrow some books frm my fren
abt rigging and rendering~
clear and easy to understand~

sometimes i think
find the right teacher (or tutorial books) is much more better than soaking urself into thousands of tutorials floaded in the web~~***

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

why photography? lump sum of new vocabs~

i love photography
bcos i like to see things in many different perspective
however, i always wonder,
how do i make photography more than just my hobby?

found the ans frm the Visual Effects Supervisor of Speed Racer, Mr JAKE MORRISON:
the original article is HERE


capturing beautiful moments or unusual locations by photography,
use this to train urself to create
a certain emotion
- anger, compassion, fear, vertigo etc. ,
making ur audience feel what u want them to feel.


quite happy to find the new defination of why i want to take photo~
it really doesnt matter what camera u r using
for me, there are also masters who done well in lomography or phonography
using the limited tool to create unlimited possiblelity is gorgeous!

what i learnt from the post is also lump sum of new vocab ~

2.5 D (something between 2D and 3D?)
"Faux Lensing"
"Pano Bubbles" (a way of compositing)

"Circle-Of-Confusion" is a direct story point of Speed Racer...
a special selling point~
cant wait to see what is it about~ XD


i m a 3d animator
who is very passionate working in lighting and rendering

this blog will mostly be the sharing of what i m doing or what i have found~
or anything relates to my career~
hope it helps u as well~
if u get the information u want here i will feel happy ")
link me and let me link u if u have the same passion in cg arts, photography or anything interesting XD

it would also be the "digital notebook" for myself



just some sharing~
relax and enjoy :)