Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lighting Look Dev Lead at Lucasfilm Animation

Position Summary:
·The role of the Lighting Lead is to develop techniques and procedures to create various CG elements to be used in Animation for Digital Features while establishing a standard for all Technical Directors in continually raising the bar for speed, quality of work and adaptability.

Primary Responsibilities:

·Establishes, defines, and implements techniques and procedures for lighting pipeline.

·Serves as knowledge resource and helps problem solve and guide backend pipeline artists, such as character look dev artists, fx artists, lighting artists, and environments artists.

·Works with the Managing Technical Supervisor to set the tone of the direction of a sequence.

·Monitors sequence progress and, through interaction with the show management team, directs sequence personnel and makes changes to ensure sequence will be completed on time.

·Sets up and lights very complex/multiple creatures (hairy or furry creatures)/elements and environments.
·Develops and writes plug-ins, write/hack renderman shaders as well as MentalRay procedural, volumetric and surface shaders with proficiency.
·Animate moderate objects with proficiency.
·Sets a standard for all Technical Directors in continually raising the bar of for speed, quality of work and adaptability.

Direct Reports: TBD

Education, Experience and Skills:

·Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Graphics or equivalent work experience.
·3 or more year’s show production experience with strong working knowledge of various software platforms including Maya and other high end animation software.
·Supervisory experience preferred.
·Knowledge of Linux and shell scripts
·Highly proficient skills in technical problem solving.
·Excellent communications skills.
·Proficiency with LINUX/UNIX
·Experience w/C++, mel, python, and other scripting languages required.
·A reel demonstrating technical ability is required for this role.

Physical Requirements:
Uses a computer keyboard at least 80% of total work time

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